Hi! I'm Brittany Smith.

I created ZenSmith, LLC.

ZenSmith is a modern day business; we do not have a brick-and-mortar location.

I take care of administrative tasks in my home office and the rest happens in the clients home.


I like getting to know my clients and their belongings because over time a beautiful story unfolds, and after we remove the first layer of clutter, sometimes a new hobby or business idea is revealed.


Everyone has clutter and I am passionate about teaching habits that alleviate stress.


Organization is about cultivating a relationship with the objects in our homes and streamlining our lives to make room for inspiration to flow.


I love to share the systems that work for me with my clients and they say that it is transformative to work with me.


I started this business after realizing that my family consistently asked me to help them organize their homes.


I did hallway closets, pantries, and more for my mother, grandmother, aunty, and grandfather before I finally realized I had a business opportunity.


I think this is why I am successful on Maui - this service was built on the foundation of Aloha and kuleana – responsibility for my ohana and helping others with their ohana.


After a 13 year career in the food and beverage industry, I wanted to do something meaningful.


Now, instead of helping clients choose between a Cote de Rhone or a Chablis, I help them choose between clutter or clear.


I've helped retirees relax into their downsized homes and real estate partners find a work-from-home schedule that is productive for their busy life.


I like to let my clients focus on the big picture of their life while I handle the details.


Every happy client I have brings me so much joy.


Some have really made a big difference in my life and I'm still surprised when they say I have made an impact in their life.


It is a blessing to be able to transform a room into a space that my client enjoys!