Hi! I'm Brittany Smith.

I created ZenSmith, LLC.

This is where I share a few things about myself with the intent to give you a good idea of what I offer as a consultant for transformative residential organization.

I was born near Washington, D.C. and grew up in the suburbs of three major metropolitan zip codes: D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis. Life in those areas is fast paced and I learned how to be efficient because time is valuable and I had to!

In my pre-teens, my mom remarried and decided to homeschool me while raising my four siblings. Our house was busy! The skills I learned during that time are invaluable, the most impressive being the necessity of organization.

You cannot leave the house for any length of time in a city with five kids and a poorly packed diaper bag, forget it! My mother frequently asked me to sort and store our belongings as she used and replenished them.

This is where the foundation was set for me to study people, families, and productivity. The stuff about enjoyment comes later- when I left the city! 

In 2009 I received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania. My program was researched based and gave me an inside look at human motivation, dynamics, and development. 

The question that sent me to study the human psyche was - "why do humans do what they do." The answer given by psychology was habit, instinct, intuition, and pleasure. More on this, here

After college, I spent a few years traveling, I lived in both the US and British Virgin Islands and I was a bartender. It was the perfect job for me because I was able to use every skill I have! Efficiency, productivity, organization, and an understanding of human motivation.  

Fast forward ten years, here I am on Maui now for almost five. Thanks in part to my kupuna Grandpa Bob who is a resident of 35 years and my first job on island at The Mill House at Maui Tropical Plantation. You may have also seen me most recently (pre-covid) at Casanova Makawao- our upcountry Italian restaurant.

How does my life story help you have a mess free home? Because you can trust me. I can help you create a home environment that is both well functioning and really, I mean really, enjoyable. 

We are all spending more time than ever at home. I want you to be comfortable, stress free, and satisfied in your home. Together, we can accomplish the overwhelming task of bringing order to your space. 




Homeowners today smartly prioritize efficiency and convenience when it comes to the functionality of their daily lives, yet struggle to find time for relaxation and fun. That doesn't sit right with Brittany C. Smith, so she started ZenSmith LLC out of the desire to bring harmony to home and life. Brittany believes the key to a relaxed home environment is balance between work and play. Yes, you will have an efficiently functioning home after a ZenSmith transformation. More importantly, you will have a space for peace, harmony, and fun. 

The idea that home organization can transform ones life dates back 3,500+ years! Feung Shui, the eastern art of people harmonizing with their environment, is as ancient as it is relevant to our modern lives. How, do you wonder? Call or email today to find out: 808-250-6646 brittany@zensmith.life

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