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5 Pointers for a Stress Free Home (2024)

Updated: Feb 20

If your house is in such disorder that you cannot relax, you may also feel that your dreams are out of reach.

If you have accumulated so much stuff that letting go of it feels insurmountable you may also feel that any meaningful change in your life is impossible.

Our home is a reflection of our internal state of being, not anything for us to judge and yet exactly what needs to be worked on.

At ZenSmith, we call this work a journey, and like any journey worth taking, the most valued gift to come from the lessons learned along the way is self-discovery.

I swear to you that getting your home and belongings in order will help you take control of your life.

You will find new joys, new passions, and new space to grow into as you simplify your life.

As you uncover and release old objects and habits, old emotions will arise in unison and you will begin to understand the relationship between yourself and your world.


I want you to find your best life, so here are 5 steps I recommend taking to simplify:


Have you ever sat in a rocking chair on a porch, countryside? Time does not fly there.

Try driving slower, or walking slower. Even better, breath slowly and deeply. Chop your food slowly, with intention.

Get dressed with ease. Take another lap around your house before leaving because you have the time to enjoy your space.

You may notice the amount of tension you release after reminding yourself to slow down, your body will thank you.


Purge, purge, purge. Be aggressive, and get the whole family on board. At first, letting go will feel hard, it will feel irrational, it will feel careless. DO IT ANYWAY.

Throw out duplicates of kitchen spatulas, and the pile of pens that don’t work, and the shoes your kids haven’t worn in three years, and the stacks of magazines, and the old art supplies, and the massive amount of cords every American has (?!?).

If your clothes have holes- repair them or toss.

When there is less stuff to clean, maintain, find a place for, get distracted by, or trip over then you will have more time, energy, and desire to do what truly makes you happy.


Replace consumerism self-care with real self-care.

As a family, make a commitment to replacing thoughts of “I want to buy” with “lets do this together.”

What you desire most of the time, is not another object, but the feeling it gives you. I suggest skipping the part where you buy something and go straight to the feeling you want to have.

Get creative and enjoy the process because in every scenario of your life, you deserve joy.

4. SAY “NO”

One way to complicate your life is to be always available.

Moms have a hard time with this one, understandably, but saying “no” is a healthy way to create boundaries.

The quickest way to get back to your essence is taking a quiet moment to yourself.

Learn to say “no” to everyone in your life! Be revolutionary! This is not meant as a free pass to ignore responsibilities or be rude, it is a practice for those who are spread thin and burnt-out.


Almost everyone reading this will immediately feel resistance and that is because modern society does not favor the idle.

However, rest in its true form, is not for nothing.

If you are not taking time to let your body rest, you are missing out on the fullness of life!

Don’t let manufactured self-care marketing fool you; your life is 5 simple steps closer to being fuller, richer, and easy going. Let’s see you try these steps at simplifying your life!

Email me and let me know how it goes!

When you are ready for a guide on your journey to a simple, happy life - I am available for home organization consultations!

Brittany C. Smith

ZenSmith, LLC


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