Evolution, Resolutions, and Making Space for New Energy

There was something special about 2020 - all of our clients came to us ready for evolution, ready for change.

It was as if the whole year was a new years resolution.

And isn't that how its supposed to be?

I don't mean that we as humans should be under unrelenting pressure to change or grow, but when we do make the decision to change - it truly behooves us to commit to it.

That is what we saw at ZenSmith LLC this year. People who are committed to being at peace at home and people who are willing to get clear about the change they need to achieve it.

What does that look like?

  1. admitting your home environment is not ideal/comfortable/inviting

  2. asking for help

  3. allowing outdated and unnecessary items to be removed

These three steps will guide you to a point where there is finally a balance of belongings to the amount of space in your home.

This might surprise you, but it is only after the de-cluttering process that we can begin to organize.

Most of us have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF and the stuff is clogging up our homes and our heads.

At ZenSmith, first we remove the source of the clog, then we address the flow. Flow in this case would be the efficiency with which our homes operate.

Can you find your keys? Do you skip cooking your favorite meal because you can't find the kitchen accessories needed? How does homework hour transpire?

Don't panic, I'm not pointing fingers. I ask you these questions to get you to look at parts of your life that may be uncomfortable, so that we can plan a solution together.

ZenSmith offers solutions for small and large projects. We are confidential, meticulous, and ready to take you on a home transformation journey.

Our clients express feeling lighter in spirit and body after working with us. Are you ready to turn your chaos into calm?

Book a WorryFree consultation with us today for a better 2021.

In Harmony,

Brittany C. Smith