The Great Shift (Jupiter and Saturn 2020)

Updated: Feb 7

Did you notice? I heard the buzz going around the past few months, something about an 800 year meet-up between two giants. What?!

That’s right, the planets Jupiter and Saturn were seemingly conjoined in the visible sky this past week. Their journey towards and away from each other is as magnificent to witness as their conjunction.

Actually, Jupiter and Saturn meet in the sky every 20 years. The special circumstance this go around is that the Great Conjunction as astrologers call it, will happen in a zodiac sign of a different element. See, for the past 200 years the two giants we speak of met in zodiac signs with an earth element. Now, and for the next 200 years, the giants will meet in zodiac signs with an air element.

This shift is exciting because it will affect you- Yes, you specifically. The people who are looking for help with home organizing.

I call Jupiter and Saturn giants because they are akin to a co-ruling father and son duo. Since these two planets are relatively slow moving from our perspective here on earth, astrologers herald this larger than life combo as leaders who set the tone for overarching themes, schemes, and manifestations that our planet will experience.

Recently, their stance was oppositional - you’ve felt this over the past months in the amount of tension, resistance, difficulty, you experienced. I sure did.

As they move closer, their understanding of each other grows to the point of a crescendo, we humans feel as harmony.

The back and forth between these planets, if you could draw their comings and goings, would look like a triangle. Theirs is a stable relationship. Though they may not always agree, they will go on forever until, just as they have gone on forever before.

Previously, our two giants met each other in earth element zodiac signs until their conjunction in Aquarius on 12/21/2020. The motif of those recently passed years was about structure, material accrual, comparison, and competition. The earth element has a weight to it, steady, consistent, dependable. Yikes, are we really saying good-bye to these maxims? None wrong in their own right; we’ve just had enough. Most everyone I know is waiting in anticipation for change.

We will get the change we seek. Right now, we are all perfectly poised to take off on the skirts of these wise rulers who are now anchored in the air element of zodiac signs.

Ah, the air element. Birds in flight come to mind and astrologers know this element to display characteristics like weightlessness, sharing ideas, embracing constant change, expanding perspectives. Can you imagine how these themes will affect your life? Are you ready to embrace a new set of ideals for yourself and your family?

I would love to see all of us lighten up. This year was full of seriousness, calamity, pain, loss, strife. Let’s set those burdens down as we move into the next year. Enjoy time with your loved ones, and if there is extra time to sit and contemplate the near future- allow yourself the luxury of a moment to yourself and dive into your imagination. Because guess what? When you clear out the density of your unneeded material items, there will be more space in your mind for exploring your own creativity.

I am hopeful that this year coming is full of creative joy for you. If you need a little push into clearing out the junk in your house, let us know. My team and I offer an invaluable product at an affordable cost. Invest in your future and book a session with us today. We will walk you through the process and help you release attachment to stuff that isn’t serving you. Let’s move into the new era together and lighter as a whole.

With Love and in Harmony,

Brittany C. Smith

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