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Professional Organizer Maui, HI

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Home Organization

At ZenSmith the aim is to create a space that is both beautiful and functional. We transform all spaces including kitchens, pantries, closets, home offices, garages, and more. We design systems that suit your family and are simple to keep up.

Moving Boxes

Downsizing & Moving

ZenSmith can get your home ready for sale. Our team will assist you in sorting through your belongings so that you only take what you truly desire. We'll also collaborate with contractors to ensure your life transitions are as smooth and effortless as can be.

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Unpacking & Organizing

Moving into your new home can be chaotic and overwhelming.The best time to hire a professional organizer is before you move-in! ZenSmith ensures a stress-free move by unpacking and organizing, setting up an organized space from day one!

Hands-on Organization

One session is 3 hours with a hands-on organizer in your home. Your investment covers extra time spent shopping for supplies, designing layouts, communication via phone or email, scheduling appointments with other service providers, and disposing of trash or donation items post-session.

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