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Help Your Child Focus with Feng Shui {2020}

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Aloha, Maui.

I’d like to share with you a technique I teach clients with kids to maximize productivity; it is so easy to do!

The technique is called the Command Position and comes from Feng Shui.

The command position is a practical solution for minimizing distractions.

Life-energy flows into a room through

its doors & windows and makes its way around the room.

So, the idea is to place your child’s desk and chair away from a door or window. Somewhere in a place that allows your child to see the door without turning their head.

This is one way to help your child feel safe & secure which will help them to STAY FOCUSED.

Why? Because by placing your child’s desk and chair in this manner you are ensuring minimal distraction and maximum productivity.

Want help getting your house in order during the school year?


Brittany C. Smith has a bachelors of science in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania '09. There she studied, among other topics, Industrial and Organizational psychology. She now lives in Haiku, Hawaii and shares her love of optimal life-energy flow with the residents of Maui.

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